Some experimental photos of my yesterday's outfit. It was so windy that we couldn't take one proper picture of the outfit! That's why I edited them that way, to give them a bit more "groove". Yesterday we went Christmas shopping and then for dinner at TGI Friday's.
Today was very cold as well. As I'm writing this I drink a huge cup of black coffee and just chilling, waiting for my best friend to come to my place.

Talk to you soon! Smooch

I won't let you get me down I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground

I've been listening this song non stop since yesterday. Sia's voice is so powerful and in combination with the loud drums (is this what they are?) it's just... BOOM!
As for the movie, I cannot say that it left me feeling that excited. It had great potential but I think that the director missed something. The protagonist should have more depth and in some points it left the spectator wondering. I was so looking forward to it but it kinda dissappointed me. Anyway, that's the way the movie industry works. First there's a huge buzz about an upcoming film and in the end it is almost always dissapointing.

Talk to you soon! Smooch

Saturday 17/12

Photos from the second day of our trip to Palaios Panteleimonas (the trip and side-trips in full details up on the blog in a few days).

I just wanted to brighten up your day with this sea view. We stopped in the deserted coastline of Leptokaria in Pieria to soak in some sun and dance our hearts out to "Freedom '90" of George Michael. In moments like this I feel so grateful and blessed for the miracle of life and nature and the simple fact of just... being! 
It is very important to take time and appreciate what is important to you. In any case, if you are still breathing, it means that you are alive. Just feel eternally grateful for that.

Talk to you soon!